Monday, May 11, 2009

going home

As I type this entry, the suitcases are stacked against the wall, waiting for the last of the laundry before they can finally be closed. The dr. has been in with the meds that Tatyanna will need to continue and has authorized the removal of her IV. It's official, we are going home tomorrow. Truthfully, this time I don't have the eager sense of anticipation of last year's departure. While I miss my family and home, the break from reality has been a much needed reprieve. For a few moments I am allowed to have hope, to believe that we can fight the demon that is Batten's. At Tiantan Puhua, we are surrounded by people who want to try, who work incredibly hard and believe that they can make a difference. The results of the last few weeks have far exceeded our expectations, I saw my daughter walk across the room, unsteady, but completely unaided, I heard her say “love you” as she gave me a hug. Those moments alone made the entire trip worth it. To all who have helped make this trip possible and supported us on our journey, we thank you from the bottom of our heart.