Sunday, January 13, 2008

It was fun while it lasted

We knew that it probably wouldn't last forever and that the medication she is on generally works really well for a short time but to be honest I didn't expect to go from fairly decent seizure control to what now seems like one non-stop drop attack. At the moment she is safely ensconced in her kid sized recliner snuggled up with her plush horse blanket and a stack of movies. As much as I dislike allowing her to watch so much t.v. it s the only thing that we can do for her right now. The moment she starts to move she usually also starts seizing and hits the floor. I've brushed the dust off my patented "dive across the floor before her head hits it" move with fairly decent success. It's impressive really, enough to make the most self respecting ninja....or beach volley ball player jealous.

So far we're only noticing 3 different seizure types, complex partials, atonic/drop attacks and myoclonic "jerks". I have my fingers crossed that the dreaded grand mal will not decide to join the fun. While the other seizure types seem to be happening frequently they are over within seconds and she is coherent and not postictal afterwards.

At the moment we are waiting. Her pediatrician advised us to bump up her evening meds for tonight while he consults with the neurologist, who we have yet to see personally, and organizes and urgent EEG.

And so, the fun begins again.

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