Friday, October 16, 2009

I can't believe that we're already half way through October! Tatyanna has now been back at school for over a month and continues to do really well. She actually really enjoys going to school this year and we have been adding in a few full days every week instead of all half days. This is something that we had serious reservation about at the beginning of the year. The kids in her class are truly an amazing bunch and really try to make sure that she's included in what's going on in the class. So far her favourite parts of the day are definitely gym and music. :)

Physically, Tatyanna continues to be relatively stable. We do, however, have some concerns that her eyesight is starting to fail. While she still enjoys watching T.V. and looking at books, we aren't certain how much longer this will last. We have decided against having any sort of evaluation done, as for us, it's not important. With Batten Disease, loss of eyesight is inevitable and we feel that we function better not knowing exactly how much our little girl does or doesn't see. Despite this, she is still very much a happy little girl and blesses us with her smiles and giggles every day.

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