Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tatyanna's g-tube surgery went really well on Monday and they were able to perform the operation laproscopically. This means that there is only the tiniest incision and no stitches. Unfortunately, tiny incisions are still painful and 5 days later she requires regular pain medication to stay comfortable. We did have a few stressful hours at the hospital while we waited for our sleeping beauty to awaken in recovery. After 5 hours of coaxing from mommy and daddy, consults with anaesthesiologists, she remained difficult to arouse. Eventually we had an idea and someone brought in a Dora dvd. Apparently Dora and friends were worth waking up for and she opened her eyes the moment the intro started. Go figure.

Tatyanna adjusted smoothly to the g-tube and was at her target intake by Wednesday evening. By Thursday afternoon we were on our way home!! She still has a long way to go but I can already see a vast difference in her appearance. Her colour is better and she is so much more alert....this morning she was laying in bed, happily yelling at dora and trying to yell "Map!". Truthfully, I never thought I would see her that alert again. Physically the surgery took a significant toll on her body and she has lost a great deal of strength. Sitting up, supported, in a chair for only a few minutes leaves her exhausted. Even holding her head up requires supreme effort on her part. Over the next few weeks we will work on gradually increasing her strength and are hopeful that she will be able to return to school very soon!

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