Friday, August 7, 2009


Greetings and thanks for coming! This is now the new site for all of Tatyanna's updates etc. Over the last few days the old Tatyanna's Hope website has been completely redone. I hope that you like the changes and new format. There are still a few bugs to work out but for the most part, it is up and running, business as usual. We made the decision to move the regular (ok, semi-regular) updates over to a blogger site so that it is easier to navigate for all of you, easier to update for me...and should allow me to actually post a photo or two every so often. It will also allow people to leave comments, ask questions or easily locate a previously made entry. Please bear with me as there will undoubtedly be a few growing pains as everything gets transferred over.

Tatyanna has been having a good summer. The record-cold temperatures have put a damper on our summer fun but we have still found opportunities for riding her pony and trips to the spray park and playground. Although she is no longer able to climb, Tatyanna still LOVES going down the slides! We are also currently looking into some various physical therapy options as we found that she really benefited from the concentrated PT that she was receiving in China.

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