Sunday, September 13, 2009

My apologies for the lack of updates on here as of late. The summer went by far to quickly and there weren't nearly enough hours in the day! Tatyanna had a really good summer and will be starting her second week of grade 1 tomorrow. She has an awesome full time aide and an equally amazing teacher who both report that she is doing really well and having a good time in school. She seems to enjoy the interaction with the other kids and especially likes gym class. We have an excellent team of individuals at her school and everyone seems to be on the same wavelength with how her year should go. The main idea is that Tatyanna will have the best year possible and will be included as much as much as she can be with what is going on in her classroom. Gr. 1 is off to a superb start!
For the moment, her condition is relatively stable and we haven't noticed any significant changes since our last trip to China. While she can no longer walk independently and is mostly non-verbal, she doesn't let these things stop her from getting where she wants to go, or from getting her point across!
One of the nice things about moving her updates over to the blogger site is that it makes it so much easier to add pics to the entries. The following photos were taken over the last couple of weeks.

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