Monday, September 14, 2009

Pimpin her ride

It was probably one of the more difficult transitions on our journey as parents to a child with a progressive condition. By switching out Tatyanna's stroller for a full fledged wheel chair it seemed that we were finally publicly acknowledging that this was, in fact, a battle we were losing. For a long time I would simply carry Tatyanna wherever we went. The Lightening kids stroller that we were using was uncomfortable for her and had a distinct prima dona preference for only the smoothest of paved surfaces making its usage cumbersome. But, one can only carry their growing 6 year old for so long before you realize the complete ridiculousness of the situation. Although she has yet to weigh anything more than 42 lbs soaking wet, Tatyanna's legs now dangle down to my knees and the once comfortable hip carry, is now anything but. The health of my back also seemed a high price to pay for my own personal sense of pseudo-denial. And so, with much reluctance, we came to the decision that it was definitely time to look into a more conventional method of getting our non mobile child from point a to point b and took Tatyanna's occupational therapist up on her offer to make the referral for wheel chair funding. Once at our local Medichair we were quickly given the specs on a couple of the pint sized models and took them for a "test drive" to determine their suitability for our needs. Once a decision was reached we were asked to chose a colour. I'm not sure why this somehow makes the whole ordeal verge on fun, but it did. After looking at a rainbow of hues and being assured that the chosen chair could be power coated with an entirely different colour if we wished, we decided to go with the stock orange. It seemed bright and funky - a perfect way to honour our daughter's spunky spirit. We also came to the realization that just because it's a wheel chair, doesn't mean that it has to be boring and thus we have started on "operation pimp her ride" in an effort to make it the coolest damn wheelchair a kid could ever have. Kind of a lemons to lemonade thing.

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