Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just a couple of quick pics to show you how much Tatyanna has improved over the last few days! Although she is definitely no longer a morning person, by noon she is becoming more and more like the happy, perky little girl that we used to see. The school has been awesome in accommodating our new schedule and Tatyanna has really enjoyed her last few afternoons with her class. We are gradually starting to incorporate more PT and stretching into her daily routine and while I can't say that she particularly enjoys it, she is responding. We've been trying to get her up in her walker for short bursts during the day as she seems to really enjoy the freedom of careening around the kitchen. The cats, however, do not share the same appreciation for her newfound locomotion and much preferred the warm lap of the sedate Tatyanna over fleeing the kitchen for the sake of their tails. The increased activity does leave her exhausted and 20 min in the walker usually means and hour in the beanbag chair recovering. But, she's definitely improving. Truthfully, I wasn't sure that she'd ever hold her head up again so anything that we see now is a huge bonus.

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