Thursday, March 11, 2010

two steps forward, three steps back....

Just as we feared the effects of the anaesthetic took their predictable toll on our sweet girl. Every time we have had her put under before we noticed, within the weeks following the procedure, a drastic increase in her seizure activity. This time was no different and we were forced to make some necessary med. changes. Unfortunately these changes aren't without their effects and there are only a few hours in the afternoon where I could call her alert....ish. We are hopeful that she will adjust to the new doseage and perk up a little very soon! We are going to try taking her to school for a couple of hours in the afternoon tomorrow. As much as I would love to keep her all to myself, I know that she really does enjoy the other kids and they have really been noticing her absence in the classroom. So, fingers crossed and praying that tomorrow will be a better least for the afternoon. On the upside though, her seizure activity has returned to its previous level of acceptability.

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