Tuesday, February 1, 2011

32/365 Flash back on the 1st....


Wow! I've actually made it to the one month mark!! I've decided to change things up on the first of every month, admittedly this is due in part to my computer issues, but it seemed like a fun idea. The first of every month will now be "flashback on the first" and will feature an old photo.....probably taken with a kodak easy share....or maybe even my trusty rebel (complete with motion blur as I was often shooting with shutter speeds of 1/50...oi!)

When Tatyanna was first diagnosed I broke into a thousand pieces and there will always be a part of me that stays in the past; a place where a little girl could twirl for hours in a purple ballet skirt and run and climb with her sisters in the park. The past is where a big brother would sit with a pigtailed sprite and her collection of plastic horses; where they would create elaborate adventures for the curmudgeonly Mr. Pony and his friends that almost always involved a chase scene and a rooftop rescue. The past is where where my sweet girl would shower my cheeks with her wet kisses and once met her daddy at the airport, shrieking his name as she ran to him after a weekend away. Her exuberance was so great that strangers stopped mid hustle to watch, smiling as a little girl was swept into a daddy sized bear hug.

On the first of every month, I want to acknowledge what was and the journey that we have been on. I want Tatyanna's story to have beginning.


  1. Her sweetness shines through even when she is resting! Such a precious photo of your daughters.

  2. I love the little round belly peeking out :)

  3. I love seeing these old photos. Its nice to get to know Tatyanna a bit. She certainly is a treasure. Thank you for sharing her with us. xox