Friday, February 18, 2011

49/365 "D-day minus one"


"Pizza!" She shouted it gleefully as she bounced on the hotel bed, pigtails flying, bare legs a blur of motion. For a second I wondered if I should stop her but I didn't have the heart. Not on this night.

"Pizza, it is!" I tried desperately to keep my voice as normal as possible. Anything to belie the icy fear that had taken root in my chest over the last several days and was now threatening to overcome.

Later that evening I tucked my girls into bed, their hair wet on the pillows, "read one more story times three "and kissed them goodnight. As darkness settled into the room, I lay next to their father, his arms tight around me, breathing a silent prayer that this day would never end. Deep down, I knew that tomorrow our lives were about to change forever....but mercifully I could not fathom how much.


  1. Beautiful Janelle. I don't have words to adequately respond to what you wrote, but through your narrative I can feel a little bit of what you felt.

  2. Through your pictures and words you give us a beautiful, real glimpse of your world. In no way, still, could I ever imagine your emotions, then or now. Thank you for sharing, and know that many of us who don't "know" you, are sending peace to your family.

  3. You have a beautiful way of expressing your emotions ad grief. I still think you should write a book. You have documented Tatyanna's journey with such beautiful photos. My heart breaks for you. I wish there were something that someone could do to bring her back to you.