Friday, February 25, 2011


One step closer...




I really want to give this place a raving review but after much thought I just can't do it. Boon Burger is a funky little burger joint that specializes in vegetarian fare with most items on the menu being entirely vegan. When I read an add in a magazine in the hotel room I was instantly smitten. After looking at the menu online, my heart may have begun to sing, just a little. How I convinced my "it's not a real meal unless there is meat" husband to go there is beyond me...but he did and actually agreed with me that the food was awesome....particularly the Buddha burger with all it's curry-maple-red pepper-mango-chutnied goodness.
And then we went to leave. On the wall next to the door were posters all promoting and celebrating things like diversity and equality and as we struggled to get Tatyanna's wheel chair over the steps and thresholds and juggled with heavy doors I couldn't help but wonder why equality is often overlooked when it comes to physical disabilities. (I'm not sure how I missed this on the way in but will chalk it up to the overwhelming sense of anticipation of having a multitude of menu options) In this day and age, why is acceptible to have a business that an entire group of people can not physcially enter? Perhaps we have longer way to go than we would like to think.

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  1. That's something to think about isn't it? I thought most places are accomodating to handicaps. It is sad to run into one that is not. That's the first place where "equality" should apply.