Saturday, February 5, 2011



Today was one of those rare days where I found myself wishing for the compact simplicity of a point and shoot camera. Juggling a camera bag, an energetic 5 year old and pushing a wheel chair makes for some intersting moments when in a crowded location! Since Trent was working and the older kids were otherwise engaged, I decided to put off housework by taking Tatyanna and Lexi to one of the cultural pavilions at our city's annual winter festival. We decided to hit the Irish pavilion first with the thought that we would move on to others but Lexi was having too much fun dancing with her friends and watching the various acts that we stayed put. Even Tatyanna got in on the excitement and really enjoyed the music. At the end of the night I had two super tired girls who were more than ready for bed. I can appreciate that. :)


Just wanted to share a list of the current/active online auctions/fundraisers that are being done to help Tatyanna. I feel truly humbled to be surrounded by such awesomeness.!/CynthiaKorman.Photography.Design!/pages/Tatyannas-Hope-bridal-auction/192095587485557 (put together by Carleigh Babiak Photography, Mandy Wark Photography and contributed to by many differnt businesses)!/pages/Prep-N-Pretty-Bowtique/110297685658485

Also thank you to EDG Photography, Stacey Luce Photography and Amanda Lazarski Photography, your support means so much.


  1. Love both of these. Sounds like a fun evening.

  2. I'm impressed that you dealt with your camera! I really like your b/w conversions.

  3. The B/W isnice for a change. Looks like you had a good time. You were brave to go out in a crowd like that.