Wednesday, February 16, 2011



The number of newborn/kid sized hats in my stash of photography props can be directly correlated with my internal levels of stress. These are just a few recent creations. There are actually several more that seem to have disappeared into various drawers and storage chests around the house. I don't actually enjoy knitting but I'm the sort of person that always has to be doing something and it drives the people around me crazy. When stress levels go up, this tendency increases tenfold. Newborn sized hats seem to be the perfect solution as they are small enough to be finished in a few hours, functional from a business stance and keep me sitting in one place long enough to string a few thoughts together.

As the days count down until we are hoping to be in China, things are definitely becoming a little more anxious. Normally Trent and I are spontaneous and easy going but this is one occassion where we really want to have all the details finalized well in advance. Since hurry up and wait seems to be the current name of the game, I forsee many hats in my near future. :)
I'm actually wondering about connecting with one of the organizations that collects hats for orphanages in China so that I can at least put my type A personality to good use.


  1. Ohhh! I love knitted hats. I have been so busy with photos that I haven't taken the time to knit this winter! I love the soft pink on and gray one by each othe in the middle! So pretty!

  2. These are so cute! Perhaps you could open an etsy shop to raise money for Batten's? (please take that as just a crazy idea and not one more thing that is added to your already full plate)

  3. I should have said to raise money to END Batten's. The way I said it above it sounds like I was suggesting that you raise money to give Batten's an award or a scholarship. When obviously that is the exact opposite of what I meant. I meant to raise money to stamp this blight we call Batten's from the planet. To send Batten's disease the way of the dinosaurs. To kill the killer. To solve the mystery. To save children. To devastate Batten's.

  4. those are some my favourites too :) The gray one is kind of a creamy tan/greyish earthy looking wool. It's gorgeous in person! I think the pink is alpaca and is ridiculoulsy soft!!

    Callie - Not a crazy idea at all! It's a good idea and one that I have actually thought about. I just need to contact the pattern creators for permission first and then build up some stock. Maybe that can be my goal for next winter. :)

  5. I love a good cable knit. Are you up for sharing patterns? I knit hats for the NICU but my pattern is Boring (with a capital B!) and poorly disporportioned.

    I think knitting some to donate is a wonderful idea and, if you're anything like me, it will keep your mind (and hands) busy when it would rather wander. Plus... what a great way to leave something wonderful behind while you bring back something wonderful for yourself. A trade-sy, if you will ;)

  6. Those are really, really cute. I knew you could knit, but not like that! Although I should have known since you never do anything half assed.

    Note: I will probably be stealing patterns on Tuesday under the guise of a bathroom break or diaper change. *shrug* I'm shameless ;)

  7. I knit, but I've never cabled. There are some adorable little hats in your stash :)

  8. I'd totally be up for sharing patterns. Cable knits are awesome for knitters with zero attention span. Just when things start getting tedious and my mind starts to wander there's a cable row to make it interesting...or a least as interesting as a knitting pattern can be. ;)

  9. I couldn't agree more! It's like knit, knit, purl, yawn... CABLE!!! It's like painting crimson red over a white wall. The white wall is lovely and classic but that first stroke of red is such a breath of fresh air.

    A pattern would be great! gilsner at gmail dot com And the best part won't be the cable knits... it will be thinking of you and Tatyanna with each and every one. :)

    Keep me posted on the potential Etsy shop... I'd be more than happy to help you build stock.