Wednesday, March 2, 2011

61/365 the small things....

National Geographic and sushi in the same day?! Does it get any better?



When I was little my parents subscribed to National Geographic and I remember pouring over the pages with wide eyed wonder. There was a sense of magic between those soft covers and as I lay sprawled on the carpet of the living room floor, magazine open in front of me, I would be instantly transported to a completely different time and place. I remember reading with fascination about the Burmese women and their neck rings, Maori tatoo art and the monkeys bathed together in the mountain hotsprings. One issue even came with a floppy record (yes, I'm that old) of whale sounds...which somehow "mysteriously" disappeared after I played it for the hundredth time.
Even though the same information is available with a quick search on google, there is something timeless about flipping through those familiar glossy pages. It's kind of funny how even as an adult, I still eagerly await it's arrival in the mailbox. It's a nice change from the usual bills and flyers.
My 12 year old has declared that I have now decended even further into geekdom and wonders how I could possibly find something that contains no articles on fashion or celebrity gossip the slightest bit doesn't even come with perfume samples!!!


It has been brought to my attention that I haven't mentioned the Tatyanna's Hope fundraising social on here.
If you live in the westman area and are looking for something to do on Saturday, March 12. We would love to see you at the Imperial ballroom at the Victoria Inn in Brandon. Doors open at 8, with lunch being served around 11. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at Grower Direct Fresh Cut Flowers on 17th and College. There will be a silent auction with some fantastic prizes and it should be a fun evening all around. Because the venue is licensed as a dining hall, the under 18 set are more than welcome to attend, they just can't buy drink tickets.
When Tatyanna was well, she loved big gatherings of family and friends and would happily flit from person to person whether she really knew them or not. I awould love for this event to do her fun loving spirt justice. All proceeds go towards helping to fund Tatyanna's upcoming trip to Beijing.

If you don't live in the westman area, you're probably sitting there wondering exactly what a social is. :)


  1. I just might have to look into the National Geographic magazine for my children. I bet they would love it! I alwyas Love the colors in your photos!

  2. A social to me sounds like something "you" would attend back in the frontier days... wear your best dress and get together with your neighbors :) Am I far off from the modern version?

    Woohoo for Sushi and NG... that sounds like a good day :) Your composition in the sushi image really makes the image dynamic!

  3. I love National Geographic too! This Sushi looks AMAZING! Good luck with the fund raiser.

  4. I remember looking through National Geographic in the elementary school library, since we didn't get it at home. BTW, I still have a few of those floppy records upstairs. ;-) Got them in a kid's meal.

  5. You're close Megan. :) It seems to be a Manitoba specific thing. It's kind of like the gathering after a wedding...without the wedding. Sort of like a big party that people pay to get in to. We were hoping to have live music and had several bands wanting to play but alas, the sound guy was just too expensive so a dj it is. They can be a lot of fun!