Friday, March 11, 2011

70/365 The view from here

The temperature is currently on a steady dive and a blizzard alert has just been issued. Until I see Trent's truck pull into our quickly disappearing lane, I will probably continue to restlessly pace the floor and stare nervously into the swirling snow (because that will totally help him get home quicker...right?!) Unfortunately he's an hour and a half away from home, driving on roads that have since been listed as closed. Ugh.


*Edit - Truck is stuck and Trent is stranded in Portage trying to find a place to stay for the night. All hotels are booked solid with other stranded travellers....but at least he's safe.

*Edit #2 - What a long evening! How did we function before things like facebook? Thanks to the fb status of a friend, Trent was able to find a place to stay!
Also? GPS is very handy when you lose your truck in a blizzard. Just drop a pin at your location and you can follow the trail back the next day......we think.


  1. Sorry he got stranded, but I'm glad to hear he is safe. I do not know HOW we all survived without today's technology. Don't you sometimes wonder what is next?

  2. Oh no! Isn't it about time for some spring weather up there in Canada?! I'm glad your hubby is safe and I hope he is able to make it home tomorrow!

  3. Baha! As I was texting and FB you in and out of power outages (because it was annoying to text and my data plan doesn't cover that) my MIL was laughing at me. I just said to her "WTH did you do before this?"

    Ah well, we shall drink tomorrow!!!

  4. And yes Megan, it is very much time for spring weather in Canada.

    Stupid Canada. It's a good thing we have so much booze.

  5. Definitely time for spring!! This year has had the coldest, snowiest winter that I can remember. I can't wait to get to should be well into spring there. Less than 3 weeks to go!

  6. Oh, yuck. Sorry he got stranded but I'm glad he's safe. Hope it starts to thaw out up there soon :-)

  7. Oh no! I am just the same here when the weather gets bad. Lots of prayers!! So glad he is safe and sound. Hopefully he is home with you all now! Now, bring on Spring!!