Tuesday, March 8, 2011



Normally when I pick Tatyanna up from school I stop by the kindergarten class to see what Lexi's plans are. I do this, only because it seems the polite, motherly thing to do and I know full well that if her buddy Z will be on the bus then my offer for an immediate ride home will be rejected in favour of an hour long bus ride. Today, however, I was greeted by a very forlorn and quiet little girl who informed me that she fell while sledding at school and hit her head. Several minutes later she said her "brain hurt". Not exactly words that make a mom feel terribly comfortable. Initially she was cognizant and able to follow commands and I though perhaps she had just over done it on the toboggan hill but when coherent regressed to becoming frustrated and unable to put together sentences we made the call to seek medical advice. A couple of hours and a scooby doo sticker later and we were back home with a print out on head injuries and instructions to wake her every two hours. Diagnosis: Suspected minor concussion. I'm not sure that there's a spot in her baby book for that one.

*Edit to add - If there is a perk to having a child that runs on a variety of exotic time zones, last night was definitely it! Getting up to check on Lexi suddenly became much easier when Tatyanna decided to greet the day at 2:00 in the a.m. By 3 they were both wide awake and having a good time watching cartoons. Lexi was back to her chatty, coherent self.....I'm not sure that I could say the same thing about Trent or I.


  1. Oh my! Poor sweet thing. That would shake me up for sure! So glad to hear she is back to herself!! Sweet peaceful photo!

  2. Aww, poor sweetie. Glad she's feeling better.

  3. :( Glad she's feeling better. I hope you're stocked up on coffee.

  4. Oh no! I hope those sweet little girls give you some peaceful nights of sleep soon :)