Tuesday, March 22, 2011

81/365 Waiting....


....for more info....a sign of improvement....a response.

16 years ago I loaded my Mustang with all my earthly possessions (which really only amounted to ratty blue jeans and skate t-shirts, some punk rock CD's and a border collie puppy named Kurt) and moved to my grandma's house in the city. University was about to start and I was eager to begin my life as an "adult".

Over the months that followed we settled into a peaceful camaraderie and I spent hours sprawled on her living room floor surrounded by textbooks and binders while she watched jeopardy or did crosswords in her chair behind me. I know there were probably times where I drove her crazy with my late nights and rag tag group of friends but she took it all in stride and never once voiced her disapproval. Even when my mischievous pup ate her government issued GST rebate cheque, she only laughed at the absurdity of having to call and request a new one using the reasoning of "my dog ate it".

Eventually I moved into a house of my own but it was not uncommon to come home from class to find her happily digging in my backyard, helping me turn what started as a rough patch of thistles and weeds into a flower garden that I could be proud of.

Although her health has prevented her from doing any gardening over the last few years her role in my life was far from diminished and she is still the person that I call with questions about growing things (and my inability to do so) or cooking or knitting - because no one can beat my grandma when it comes to any of those things.

She has been a such a strong presence throughout my entire life and I find it hard to imagine the possibility of a future without her in it. To say that she enriched my life would be the grossest of understatements and I can honestly say that her influence has made me a better person.


  1. Many blessings being sent your way... Your story is beautiful.

  2. Grandmas are amazing people, aren't they? Praying that your grandma is okay.

  3. She sounds amazing. Continuing prayers.

    This image is so simple, yet so emotive. Lovely.

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  5. Stay srong and remember all the wonderful memories you have together. She sounds simply wonderful! Thinking and praying for your grandma

  6. Lifting up prayers for your grandma and you and your entire family.