Friday, January 21, 2011


4:00 a.m.


9:00 a.m.


On the upside, if we do go back to China, jetlag shouldn't be too much of an issue this time!


  1. Oh, dear, I guess that's a good thing! You got an awfully cute series at 4 a.m.!

  2. Funny. I am certain you never sleep, yet you are always "on".

  3. Looks like she is pretty happy at 4:00 AM. I appreciate your humor. It is best by far to keep a happy attitude, because there is little else we can coontrol.

  4. Oh my goodness :) When we get up at 6am I feel like it is too early. That is one beautiful smile to see that early in the morning, though :)

  5. It is because of your daughter that I investigated the possibility of my mother going to China. For some that option is 'grasping at straws', or worse.
    The improvement you saw in Tatyanna, allows my skeptical self to be open to very uncertain possibilities. Alas my mother is not able to make the trip.
    I am wishing you success.

  6. Love your 4am series. She's adorable.

  7. Truthfully Eric, I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't been there. The changes we saw in tatyanna and some of the other patients was phenomenal. It exceeded our expectations by far. That said, it doesn't seem to be everyone that observes those results. We researched hospitals very thoroughly because we didn't want to be just grasping at straws. At one point in 09 we were booked in a a different neurological centre but changed our minds 2 weeks before and went back to tiantan. The info we had been gathering on the new centre just didn't add up. For us, I will freely admit that I don't know which element of the treatment protocol causes the improvements or if it's the treatment as a whole.....but for Tatyanna, something works. We have been told that these hospitals are simply selling snake oil and praying on the desperation of parents but if that was a farce.... I'll go for another :)