Saturday, January 1, 2011


I'm not sure exactly how this project will unfold....but I'm hoping that it will be an interesting journey!


These two have always had a special relationship. Despite his numerous interests and ever-increasing social network, the first thing Keirnan asks when he comes in the door is "How's she doing ok?". His concern for his little sister is obvious and I love watching them interact. When it would be easy to just sit and share space while playing the iphone, Keirnan gives a running commentary on what he's doing. He pauses to ask her questions and then carries on as though she answered. Tatyanna adores him. Sometimes all it takes is to say his name and her face will break out into the biggest smile. He's the one that would sit for hours with her, playing computer games that can only appeal to little girls and never fails to make her giggle with his repertoire of zombie noises. While a part of me grieves the loss of the relationship that will never get to exist between them, I can't help but marvel at the awesome bond that they have in spite of it all.


  1. sounds like they have a beautiful relationship! what a treasure

  2. Yay Janelle! I'm so glad you're doing a 365. You have a beautiful way with words, and photography, and I am excited to see the year through your point of view :)

    I hope my boys care for each other as much as your kiddos care for their siblings. What a sweet young guy Keirnan sounds like.

  3. Thank you :) They do have a beautiful relationship, it's really awesome to see. All 3 of Tatyanna's siblings really look out for her but she and Keirnan have something special.