Sunday, January 30, 2011


There is nothing beautiful about what Batten Disease is doing to my little girl.


And yet, when I look at her, all I see is beauty.



  1. When you can look at the beauty of a child without the prejudice of illness, when you see your child as a human being who is struggling, trying to preserve dignity in the face of adversity, that path can be grace and beauty BECAUSE the adversity is so grotesque.
    When I see your pictures, and I had been privately praying for all the months that you were silent on your blog that you would do exactly this kind of pictorial and I called also for you to continue, I don't see a pretty picture, your craftsmanship, I see a gentle soul reaching out to tell us that she is a person with an illness and she wants to love and be loved.

  2. She IS absolutely beautiful. No disease will ever take that away.

  3. I am the same way with Mercy... while others mainly see the scars... I see the beauty...

    Thanks for sharing Tatyanna with us.