Thursday, January 6, 2011


Nothing will motivate a person faster to clean the house than having a news station call and say that they'd like to cover your daughter's 2 hours.


I also feel the need to sheepishly admit that the corner of wall behind the cupboard has gone unpainted..... for over a year. I think maybe I should get on that.


  1. You sound like me...I always have to prep for company. How awesome that they are covering her story. I'm sure it will resonate for many people...

  2. Yes, the Roomba would have been the perfect companion in this situation :)

  3. I've been checking your blog once every few weeks, then perhaps every month or two since last April. I don't know what exactly made me think of your site today, but I swung by to check it out and see how your beautiful Tatyanna was doing. I am a good family friend with Taylor King's family and I think of Taylor and Tatyanna and all the other children who live with Batten every single day. I'm officially delurking myself right now and if you don't mind, I'm going to GFC follow your blog. I will look forward to all the pictures you post of Tatyanna and know that I pray insight and resources for those scientiest making progress on this disease everyday--because Taylor and Tatyanna and all the other robbed children deserve it.

  4. It is good that her story is getting told. I didn't notice the wall until you mentioned it. Let's may have had other stuff going on there , more important than that wall.

  5. Hi Callie,
    Thanks for delurking. :) I have been following Taylor's story (I think maybe on her sister's blog site) since Tatyanna was first diagnosed and have always found her family's dedication inspiring. Insight and resources for the researchers is our prayer as well. Taylor's tale has it worded perfectly, "every child deserves a happy ending"