Saturday, January 29, 2011



When I was little someone told me about what they termed "magic numbers". The concept was simple, every time you happen to see the clock numbers all read the same, you close your eyes and make a wish. The wish had to be personal and couldn't be something broad like world peace. I remember thinking that this was a great idea....anything to increase the number of times one could make a wish in the day was fine with me! Eventually the magical thinking of childhood faded and although I stopped making wishes I never forgot about the idea.
When Tatyanna was first diganosed I remember standing in my bedroom watching her play with her ponies on the floor. As the digital face on the clock changed to the numbers 2:22, my mind was drawn back to a time when wishes were possibilities waiting to happen (although, at this same point in time I also believed that pirates really did sail around in big ships with parrots and I had every intention of becomming one when I grew up, so that tells you something) At that moment I decided to take a different approach. Instead of making wishes, I would think of something that I was thankful for. A task that becomes significantly more difficult when your child has just been handed a death sentence. It may sound cheesy but truthfully, it has been a good exercise for me as I am continually reminded of just how good I have it.

Tonight I sit here typing, a teary eyed mess. Over the last 24 hours I have been completely overwhelmed by the number of people that are coming together to support my little girl. I'm speechless (which doesn't happen all that often) and touched at the outpouring of love and generosity. Many of these people have never met Tatyanna but heard her story and want to help. The general attitude is very much one of "We can do this!" There are no words to adequately express my gratitude. We are thankful, so very thankful.


  1. Not cheesy at all. Beautiful, hopeful and graceful. I had never heard of "magic numbers" but I think we're going to implement something similar in our home :)

  2. Oh, I really like the gratitude idea instead of the wishing. I'm always uplifted by your blog posts. Thank you. Many prayers for your family, especially Tatyanna.

  3. so not cheesy. your/her story is one of strength and inspiration. thanks for sharing. i pray continued blessings for you and your family

  4. I used to do the make a wish thing when I was younger as well. I really like your idea of being thankful for something. Your blog and posts are such an inspiration. Thinking of you and your precious family, especially Tatyanna.

  5. Thank you so much for your comments..and thoughts and prayers. They mean so much.

    It's funny, once you get doing the numbers thing, it becomes second nature. I'm trying to encourage it with Lexi and it's fun to see what she comes up with at any given moment.