Saturday, January 22, 2011

22/365 - the is rolling


Once upon a time I made this post: click here. Add almost 3 years, combined with a click happy mom and more photography workshops than my daughter would like and you have a child who is only too happy to sit on the stool and stare warily at the photographer. :) As I look through our passports I am in awe with just how small my girls were, their big eyes peering out from beneath whispy bangs and cheeks that could only be desribed as cherubic. They were just babies. In some ways we all were. Although the shock of Tatyanna's recent diagnosis had worn off, numbness had set in and it would be a very long time before we would truly experience the reality of life with Battens.
And now, here we are, nearly three years later; trying to plan our third trip across the world, wanting more than anything to make it work one final time. All sense of of naivety long forgotten, we are acutely aware of the daunting task ahead.


Beijing, trip #2- 2009. When we arrived, Tatyanna was unable to walk independently at all. With complete support she could take a few steps but would frequently stumble and fall. This was taken during week 4. Truly there are no words to describe how it feels to watch your little girl walk again.
While I know that the results of that trip can never be repeated, Tatyanna has progressed too much for that, that magnitude of improvement again would go so far to increase her quality of life.


  1. Good luck with the trip you are planning. I do hope that you will see an improvement to give her a better quality of life for awhile.

  2. I can't imagine the joy you must have felt as Tatyanna walked down that path. I will keep your preparations in my prayers :)

  3. I hope and pray this means the ball is rolling quickly and in the right direction!

  4. Thank you! We definitely appreciate the prayers!!

    I'm not sure if I would use the word quickly.... More like as fast as Trent and I are kicking it......

  5. if there was some way to help make this happen for you... This has ramifications for not only your daughter but others as well.
    I can imagine how it made you feel when you took the picture.
    It seems surreal that there was change for the better.
    People talk about heaven and hell as though they are far away. They are both here.